Didier Claes amongst works of contemporary art

Aurore t’Kint
15 septembre 2016
Primitive art has been inspiring artists for centuries. It provides us with sleek, hieratic sculptures, which tell the story of a culture, from our roots to our traditions, in one piece – work that illustrates better than any other art form that ‘less is more dear’ to many of today’s artistic movements. Art collector and vendor Didier Claes has understood that from the start of his career, giving letters of recommendation to art that was often denounced, with a cultivated, generous view, happy to share his deep passion for Africa.

It’s in this respect that Claes chose to join forces with contemporary art lover Patrick De Brock, a collector of African art himself. The De Brock gallery in Knokke La Zoute is currently exhibiting work that Claes collected, as well as art from De Brock's own collections. “The main objective of this exhibition is not to sell the works but to set up a meeting between the works of two people who are passionate about art,” De Brock explains. This grand adept of Barnett Newman says he is fascinated by the peculiarity of this art which he qualifies as one of the rare art forms where abstraction meets a spiritual dimension.

Moreover, Didier Claes, Vice-Chairman of the Brussels Antique & Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA), also participated in this year’s Brussels Gallery Weekend, together with around thirty galleries of contemporary art. Surprising? Absolutely not if you consider that ancient African art not only tells the story of Africa but also the story of humans until today. The world of contemporary art no longer stops at art of today, but integrates ancient and non-Western art in a holistic vision of collaboration. Undoubtedly to meet the needs of today’s increasingly eclectic collectors, who purchase as much ancient as modern art or art from young, upcoming artists, Claes swaps the Sablon neighbourhood for the Avenue Louise, at the heart of Brussels’ contemporary art galleries.
Confrontation art contemporain et art africain
Galerie Patrick De Brock
758 Zeedijk
8300 Knokke
Until 27 September
Weekends  from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:30 

Brussels Gallery Weekend

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