Hell'O, urban stories

Muriel de Crayencour
01 décembre 2016
Hell'O has embarked upon a new creative stage: the collective has been reduced from three to two artists – Antoine Detaille and Jerôme Meynen – and it drops the second part of its name, Monsters. And there’s a new exhibition on at the Alice Gallery in Brussels. There we enjoy artwork featuring strange silhouettes with long legs, happy people, dancing; in their own universe of urban stories.

Emerged from street art in the 1990s, Hell'O quickly reserved the brushes and spray paint for paper and canvas. The playful, strange Hell’O universe unfolds with a unique graphic vocabulary and instantly recognizable symbols that have become so typical of the art collective. At the entrance, we admire a jungle of greasy plants put against a dark green background, featuring several duos or trios fooling around. Further on, and still on canvas, an almost didactic repertoire: a half-human/ half-animal silhouette, its head surmounted by a vase, an eye, a bird, a wheel … Always those flawless flats that are also a trademark of Hell’O, but with a more refined palette of colours: reds, blues, browns and soiled black, in addition to a shamelessly chosen gold.

New textures for the series of paintings on paper, in just two colours: powerful pink and blue. By using an airbrush, the artists can leave certain areas transparent or white. The shapes become three-dimensional. Look out for a couple of ceramic pieces too. Yes, Hell’O has also started making ceramics! There are small figures, urban totems installed inside fragile pyramids, like houses of cards. And a work in tapestry, Dyade, which presents two figures embracing in a voluptuous dance.
Alice Gallery
4 rue du Pays de Liège
1000 Brussels
Until 23 December
Wednesdays - Saturdays, from 14:00h to 18:00h

Muriel de Crayencour

Rédactrice en chef

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